Sales strategy

Today’s sales strategy determines tomorrow’s success.

We always define the design of your sales concept in cooperation with you, as part of an interactive process. To be exact, we become part of your team and act as a driving force and pacesetter for you. We support you and your sales team conceptually, and we also lead you through the operational implementation.

Together, we decide when which products and services should be sold to your target group, with which sales methods, and at what price and with which offer components, all through the correct sales channel.

Intelligent customer management

Sales Advisors helps you - this is an immensely important aspect in a climate where many industries are increasingly improving their competitive intensity - to further develop your sales organisation in the direction of intelligent customer management.

From the successful completion of projects, we know the behaviour patterns to develop “hard selling salesmen” into real “market managers”. Because after all, long-term sales and company success is more than just squinting at short-term final figures and can only be achieved through long-lasting customer loyalty.

Omni-channel strategy

In these sales change processes we usually have to look objectively at the redesigning of the applicable sales channels and then re-evaluate their weighting using a modern omni-channel strategy.

We frequently encounter resistance in some departments when selecting the new sales channels - for subjective reasons. So, it always makes sense for our customers for Sales Advisors to be an objective and neutral authority when redefining the sales channels.

Customer Relationship Management

Consequently, all of the above-mentioned initiatives to do with multi-channel sales also require modern customer relationship management. For this decisive reason, the topic of CRM has been a key service in supporting our clients for many years now. We have many years of operational know-how on all questions relating to a CRM system.

Sales Advisors helps determine strategic direction

Sales Advisors provides you and your team with professional assistance in determining the right strategic direction and the target-oriented course of your distribution. Our support is always holistic and provides more than just theoretical action paradigms, but rather only comes to an end with the practice-oriented implementation.