Geo-management increases efficiency in direct sales

In a modern multi-channel sales organisation, a professional territorial allocation for the “direct sales” sector is more common today than it was in the past.

Revenue targets must be mirrored in the customer potential of the relevant regions: Companies need to find out where their customers are and how to reach them as efficiently as possible. It is also equally important to take the customer’s value into account during these considerations.

Sales Advisors gives the impetus

Sales Advisors gives you the impetus you need to go beyond the frequently used purely regional division of postal code areas of individual sales representatives. Today, the division of the individual sales areas must also take into account aspects of geo-management and ideally be linked with your CRM.

It is necessary to align the sales concepts and the visiting strategies. The Sales Advisors team helps you to find the right balance with regard to the equivalent potential in the regions and balanced workload.

The professional division of the sales regions leads to more efficiency in your sales force and also increases motivation within the te

Geo-management for acquisitions and farming

In other words: if you invest in a modern geo-management tool for new customer acquisition and up or cross-selling for existing customers, you take your company in an efficiency-increasing direction.

It is often sufficient to just be able to reduce the size of the direct sales organisation by 1 or 2 employees in order to compensate for the necessary investment in a modern geo-management tool. So, by no means leave the potential of a streamlined and methodologically managed sales organisation non-utilised!

Sales Advisors helps you to improve your organisation and to perfectly interlink a modern geo-management system with your CRM tool.