Sales efficiency

Every sales organisation has untapped potential!

As part of our many years of management responsibility in sales, we see the dormant, non-utilised potential in every sales organisation again and again. This experience is also confirmed by independent scientific studies. These analyses show that around a third of all available resources in sales remain unused.

So even in sales - similar to, e.g. in production or logistics processes - you, as a management team, must enable permanent efficiency improvement in order to ensure the competitiveness of your company in the long-term.

Efficiency improvement as a “never ending story”

Here, we would like to start with our team from Sales Advisors and address another important aspect when looking at this topic: Your initiatives to improve efficiency will never end, but must be seen as a “never ending story”. Searching for sales efficiency is therefore a permanent task for you and your management team.

Sales Advisors provides professional support

Sales Advisors provides you with the practical and professional support to make your sales more efficient. We would like to consider the following fields of activity at this point:

  • The right mixture of the relevant sales channels
  • The targeted control of your sales channels
  • The geo-management for your direct sales
  • The sales management of all of your sales activities in the context of CRM

Check your sales efficiency with the “Sales Check”

Sales Advisors gives you the support required to initiate these measures for improving your sales efficiency. In this context, we offer to carry out a non-binding current situation analysis of the efficiency of your sales organisation for interested companies.

You can request this “Sales Check” from us directly at