Sales organisation

The right sales organisation determines your company’s success

Your company’s success also depends on the correct configuration of the right sales organisation for you. We are acquainted with this challenge from our own operational sales experience and repeatedly deal with this topic in the customer projects that we manage. Time and again, our customers recognise this important regulating variable.

Many options for choosing a sales organisation

Theoretically, there are many options for organising sales within your company, each with their own pros and cons. The following attributes can usually be found in a company:

  • A regional breakdown
  • Structuring by market segment
  • Subdivision by product type and range, or
  • a customer-based sales organisation

As we know, modern omni-channel sales organisations go far beyond these classic divisions.

Omni and multi-channel concepts

Sales Advisors will help you to design your sales department in the direction of this modern multi-channel concept on the basis of intelligent customer management.

Ideally, we accompany our clients holistically when remodelling your “sales organisation”. In doing so, we improve your efficiency, generate revenue growth and see high customer satisfaction. This is all done in the context of cost optimisation.

Sales Advisors supports in the practical implementation

So, Sales Advisors not only provides you with the modern, scientific course of action, but also supports you and your team in the practical implementation of a truly efficient multi-channel organisation.