Selection & implementation

Which CRM solution is the right one for your company?

Thankfully there are a number of very good and extremely high-performing CRM software products on the market today.

As always when making decisions on software solutions, there are a number of advantages and disadvantages.

Functional requirements

Functional requirements play a very important role in CRM solutions when it comes to finding the right tool for your company. There are lots of dependencies which go beyond the classic weighing up of pros and cons.

For example, anyone looking to knowingly use online marketing to penetrate their online channel through professional campaign management will require a CRM tool which also covers these important specifics with appropriate functions. For other companies, this question is either secondary or irrelevant.

However, Sales Advisors takes these “soft” but very important requirements on board and gives you crucial advice in order to avoid wrong decisions.

Consistent cost-benefit analysis

We reflect the variety of CRM offers on the market using a serious cost-benefit analysis, and with your individual specifications. We also assess the compatibility and integration-ability of the CRM systems offered with your pre-existing structures and your current ERP landscape.

Implementation and CRM super user

The implementation of a CRM system in your company is usually accompanied by a familiar change of dynamics. We often act as a new CRM tool’s “CRM super user” for our customers during this decisive implementation phase, and then pass on a functional and stable system to the client’s organisation.

The successful implementation of a new CRM system is always an implementation process with your employees. Your team must clearly recognise the value-added by the CRM, because only then is there the required level of acceptance in your departments to make this project a success.

Sales Advisors often takes on the role of interdepartmental and independent CRM project manager. We emphasise the business advantages to all and concentrate your team’s strengths into a positive overall process.