Business model

Sales Advisors consistently prioritises search requests

Personnel decisions are the top function of management. We take this into account in the recruitment coordinated by Sales Advisors.

This is why all the search mandates we take on are personally supervised by members of our management!

You can always contact the managers responsible for our search mandates directly and at any time:

they are available to assist you with any questions regarding HR topics and for a professional exchange of ideas!

Search mandates in direct dialogue

The entire search process takes place in a trusting dialogue, and with a permanent exchange of information with our client.

We work with you to determine the relevant requirements for the desired employee and our mandate only ends when the right candidate signs their contract.

We always take different routes when it comes to search mandates. We select an open or closed search round depending on the requirements, or opt for a targeted direct approach.

We usually know the culture and “inner workings” of our customers’ sales organisations. We use this knowledge to find the right candidate and also consider relevant soft facts as selection features.

In addition, we can significantly increase the potential of finding suitable candidates with our cross-industry approach.

High action speed

The search requests taken on by us are given clear priority and are always coordinated with a high stroke rate. In other words: we work very conscientiously, but also very quickly!

From our own operational experience, we know that change-ready and motivated candidates appreciate nothing more than professional, and above all, rapidly reacting processes. Those who hesitate lose out on suitable candidates in this process.

These quality criteria swing back to our clients and are also a commitment we take upon ourselves.