New customer acquisition

Successful new customer acquisition requires leadership

The acquisition of new customers can only be done with maximum success if companies demand the best possible sales success from their sales team every day through consistent leadership. This is considered the “unbreakable rule”, particularly in “direct sales” or “telesales” channels.

From prior management functions and a variety of customer projects, we have learned that successful new customer acquisition is primarily brought about by consistent leadership. The necessary professional management requires a high level of information and a clear and fair set of rules.

You must also interlink the sales channels that are important for your company in order to keep dispersion loss and overlapping low.

Customer information systems increase your information level

You also require methodology in your daily business for information generation and its use. There are already well-known customer management systems on the market for obtaining “information about target customers”.

Unfortunately, these are often not utilised or applied enough. In the worst cases, such important customer information systems are not utilised at all, and the sales team must resort to suboptimal or outdated methods.

Sales management decides growth

The operational management of sales teams always show potential for improvement. In this context, when we consider companies with below-average growth rates, we mostly see, for example, that the correct management and care of the sales staff who have below the average target achievement, is lacking.

This allows small groups of your sales staff to jeopardise the entire sales success of your company. Or in other words: it only takes 10 to 20 percent of poorly-performing sales personnel in your company to endanger the growth objectives of the entire company!

We support you and your team in a practical way to decide on the right direction for your company to take, in order to be successful in new customer sales. The objective is clear: Generate growth impetus from sustainable new customer acquisition and with appropriate returns.