CRM requirements profile

CRM requires sound project management

As already mentioned elsewhere, Sales Advisors uses sound project management to support you in developing the necessary process map for your CRM project, in collaboration with the relevant departments in your company.

We define and determine the valid processes together with sales management, and this provides us with the benchmark for your company’s relevant requirement profile for your future CRM tool. This includes the requirements of all “stakeholders” being taken into account, and having an influence on the requirement profile for the new CRM tool.

Functional and non-functional requirements

This means that, together with your department, we design the functional requirements of the new CRM software. For example, we collect operational results via story mapping and can efficiently control this process to a great extent.

This is followed by a reflection on the functional requirements with the non-functional criteria and needs of your IT department. After all, we need to make sure that the planned CRM software can be integrated into your ERP landscape and that, for example, questions relating to interfaces do not bring about delays or even hidden costs.

Sales Advisors with independent expert opinions

The Sales Advisors Team provides you with important and independent expert opinions on the suitable CRM system for your company.

Benefit from our years of experience when making this important strategic decision and expedite the decision-making process to choose the right CRM for your company.