Sales management

Methodological sales management corresponds to sales success

As part of methodological sales management, you adjust the available sales resources or the selected sales channels in such a way as to achieve the best possible success in new customer acquisition or in established customer management. Aside from the theory, the practical element is an extremely complex field of activity for sales management.

Successful sales management also requires a clear structure of the individual sales processes.

The importance of sales management is often underestimated

Interestingly, this truly challenging topic is not given the necessary importance by many companies. In hardly any other area of a company is it more vital to success to define the goals correctly and to manage the multitude of individually acting employees or channels as it is in sales. This applies from both a revenue and cost perspective.

Sales Advisors directs your company according to the requirements of functional sales management and, together with you, installs the necessary target corridor and methodology for a functional sales control toolkit.

This ensures that your sales can be further developed on the basis of clearly defined objectives and measurable "Key Performance Indicators”, and also operate efficiently in the long-run.

Quantitative and qualitative sales targets

The relevant sales management takes place on the basis of company-specific sales targets. Successful companies go beyond the classic sales management targets such as, e.g. sales objectives, product targets or other result targets. For logical reasons, quite important quantitative targets are reinforced: Parameters such as customer loyalty or the quality of customer relationships then serve as relevant qualitative features.

Together with you and your management team, Sales Advisors reflects on all the proper sales policy target figures and anchors these in a modern sales control tool which ideally stands within the context of your CRM system, and is reflected accordingly in your valid commission schemes.