CRM is more than a software tool

CRM - Customer Relationship Management, is certainly more than a software tool to optimise your sales. CRM is better seen as a holistic approach to understand customer-oriented company management.

In “best in class solutions”, CRM is currently an organisation’s integral hook to control all customer-related processes across departments within the company.

CRM with significant potential

According to recent surveys, nearly 70 percent of large companies already use relevant CRM solutions. Unfortunately, the potential of the purchased CRM tools is often not used to the full, and users miss out on a variety of software functions.

The rate of CRM users in small to medium-sized enterprises with less than 250 employees is currently around 30%, i.e. the majority of medium-sized companies are ignoring the full potential of the CRM.

Sales Advisors helps you to make optimal use of CRM

From our perspective, the following challenges face companies today when it comes to using CRM solutions:

  1. Existing CRM solutions are not used optimally and are not sufficiently integrated into the organisation
  2. The implementation of a CRM system is still pending or no CRM has been used to date.

Sales Advisors professionally supports you in the necessary decision-making processes. Together, we find the right CRM for your company and we coordinate the correct implementation and integration of the CRM into your organisation for you.

Customer Experience Management & Social Media

We also know the latest trends with regard to customer management systems. Because CRM is currently developing into Customer Experience Management (CEM). CEM primarily means creating positive experiences for the customer in order to build an emotional bond between the consumer and the product, service or provider.

And the topic of social media also comes into play: A few years ago, networking on social media was primarily done in the B2C field. Given the relevance of personal end customer relationships in B2B markets, today the trend is evolving into companies networking with their corporate customers through social media in a targeted manner. As a result, CRM is changing to B2B social CRM.