CRM processes

Detailed procedural landscape as a success factor

According to the definition of the requirement profile, a successful CRM roadmap is the starting point of a detailed description of the valid procedural landscape of your company.

A professional operation is always consistently process-driven in the implementation.

Description of the current processes

In the first stage, we describe the current customer contact in your customer’s life cycle and outline the relevant information flows.

Sales Advisors creates a dialogue with you and your departments or the relevant “stakeholders” to discuss all the information collected, and to show the currently valid processes in your company. This is then holistically displayed in a so-called current process map.

Definition of target processes and process optimisation

We then perform the desired process optimisation as required and derive the required sales target processes from this, which are then displayed in a target process map.

This target process definition requires a lot of care and should be developed with as much detail about your company as possible, and finally also declared as the valid process roadmap for the organisation by the sales management staff.

Sales Advisors knows the necessary methodology for creating the right procedural landscape and can contribute to integrating your internal team with a CRM roadmap in a goal-oriented way, by using professional project management, as well as efficiently managing the associated software partner.