Your company’s success begins with selecting employees

The performance of a successful team begins with the correct decisions being made during employee selection.

In competition with other companies, you must be able to answer the following questions in a positive way in order to be able to win the so-called “talent war”:

  • How do you make qualified employees excited about your company?
  • How do you build up a successful rapport with potential candidates?
  • Does your candidate approach convey the cultural differentiation of your company and your requirement for top performance?
  • Do you have a targeted and efficient selection process?

Personnel decisions must be prioritised

We all know that personnel decisions are the primary function of management and must be clearly prioritised in everyday business!

Sales Advisors supports you and your HR department in a highly professional way in the essential recruitment process, and frees up your internal resources.

We take on the sales-specific vacancies you advertise and deal with the whole search process through to the final candidate presentation.

Sales Advisors with a cross-industry network and sales know-how

Sales Advisors uses a cross-industry network in combination with our clear sales policy thought process. In this context, we therefore offer you a very significant competitive edge compared to classic recruitment agencies:

The Sales Advisors team comes from sales and knows the really important profile characteristics of successful salespersons, or the significant challenges faced by sales management staff.

This is why we can exclusively accompany you through the search process in sales and are not available to assist with vacancies outside of the sales sector.