Sales control

Sales control as a long-lasting measure of success

A methodological measurement of success in the sales performance of all the sales channels you use completes a comprehensive level of sales control.

As already mentioned, we need measurable and clear figures for the permanent inspection of sales success. Modern CRM systems supply the evaluation of the relevant data as a control function for well-founded sales control.

Commission schemes as a sales driver

The efficiency of your sales organisation correlates with the target figures you use, and also requires a clear, easy to understand commission scheme as an incentive system.

As regards your commission scheme, we recommend reflecting on the following questions:

  • Have you incorporated realistic and reachable performance criteria?
  • Have you really set measurable performance criteria?
  • Have you defined the performance criteria which are directly linked to your company’s success, i.e. motivate towards new revenue and established customer management in equal measure?
  • Have you implemented the processes necessary so that your commission scheme meets all formal and labour law criteria, and are these almost automatically generated by your CRM tool?

Sales Advisors helps you to answer these questions positively for your company and to transform the commission scheme used into a real management instrument for successful sales control.

This enables you to map your corporate goals with a modern commission model, and to generate high customer satisfaction as a result.