Multi-channel sales

Give suitable sales channels correct weighting

The following applies to your overall success: You must design a suitable sales organisation with the appropriate selection and correct weighting of the relevant sales channels for your company.

Relevant off and online channels

Generally speaking, the following basic offline and online sales channels can be used in the design of your sales department:

  • Direct sales
  • Indirect sales
  • Telesales (internal and external)
  • Online sales
  • Social Media
  • Trade shows
  • Structure or multi-level sales
  • TV sales
  • Viral marketing
  • Sales via multipliers

In practice, Sales Advisors filters the mixture of suitable channels from these options and coordinates the optimum design for an effective and modern multi-channel sales organisation with you and your team.

Channel implementation as a success factor

We have learned from previous clients that it is not just the design, but also the target-oriented implementation of the defined channels which represent the success factors for optimising the sales organisation.

Companies remain stuck at this point from time to time, behind their maximum opportunities, because internal forces hinder the swing to one or more new sales channels or the because the company loses momentum. 

For example, direct sales organisations always tend to question the courageous “move” in the direction of the “online channels” or block it completely. As a neutral authority, we typically moderate and implement the best possible mixture of channels for your company. 

As an independent advisor, Sales Advisors can provide the right impetus in your organisation and also intercept any counter currents.