Customer management

Focus on your customers!

Successful companies always put the customer clearly at the centre of their organisation. The established customers are classified by sales potential and differentiated by up and cross-selling potential.

Interestingly, these always provide companies with significant revenue opportunities, because the sales for the various product lines are divided into different departments and the exchange of ideas between these departments when searching for sales potential is lacking.

Although it may sound unreal, sales managers in product line A often feel no obligation whatsoever to think about the sales potential of your customers in product areas B or C. At times there are even attempts to partition off their “own” customer data from other sales branches in the company.

Seek out and use your up and cross-selling opportunities!

On the other hand, market leaders or companies with the highest growth rates live by the motto that all activities within the company should aim towards maximum success with the customer.

We see the following similarities when looking at particularly successful companies:

  • They always have very easily intelligible bills
  • They always offer easily accessible and well-informed customer service
  • They have a customer-oriented online portal with suitable functions for repurchase
  • They have a rapid dialogue with customers and are highly efficient
  • They consistently and methodically utilise all up and cross-selling potential

This in itself might sound banal, but truly noticeable customer and sales advantages do not happen by accident; they are a question of general appreciation and orientation towards the customer, and have significant effects on customer loyalty.

Established customer management generates growth and ensures a return

What can we learn from these findings? Successfully designed established customer management that is embedded throughout the company is the first important step towards increased revenue growth and sustainably secure margins.

We all know: Lost contracts must be compensated for through new customer acquisition which usually has an extremely high cost and generally leads to lower returns. As a result of excessive termination rates, a company also loses sustainable margins and loses important revenue and growth potential over the years.

Sales Advisors can help you to stop such negative developments and to generate the right information about your customers, with the aim of ensuring the continuous increase of customer loyalty.