Sales channels

The right mixture of your sales channels

The efficiency of your total sales is consistently linked with the correct mixture of the necessary sales channels.

You could, for example, improve the efficiency of the direct sales channel through use of telesales channels or online channels if these distribution channels can be used for the acquisition and support of small customers, or for special tasks such as e.g. termination or billing questions.

The initiative sounds simple in theory, but goes beyond the promising implementation of mere channel allocation and the suitable definition of employee numbers.

Key Performance Indicators as control parameters

We help to ensure the optimum interaction of active channels within your company. Clearly defined target processes ensure that the channels utilised can be designed as efficiently as possible, and are also optimally linked with one another. Together, we must define clear and measurable performance indicators for the relevant sales channels and permanently control their compliance.

For example, the use of the telesales sector will only be able to increase the efficiency in overall sales if the telesales agents are always effective and working towards providing the best possible performance to make a contribution to the sales success. We all know that this task can only be carried out with modern and permanent sales management.

Inefficiency endangers growth!

The same is true when looking at the sales representatives that you employ. If only 10 to 20 percent of this group work inefficiently, the growth targets of your company can be endangered or even destroyed.

Unfortunately, we see strong variances in the efficiency spectrum among direct sales organisations.

It is certainly important to put so-called low performers on the way to improved performance. Sadly, this often remains undone, looking after your top sellers and the derivative from their “best practice knowledge” for your organisation.