Management training

Management is becoming more complex

The demands placed on modern management staff have changed significantly.

They must deliver outstanding performance and results in a wide variety of roles, they have to keep in mind the motivation of their employees and are required to be a specialist, coach and mentor in equal measure.

So you need in-depth know‐how, first-class tools and particularly good communication skills. Learn from the best or from “best practice methods”!

Bring the management know-how of your team up-to-date!

During the Sales Advisors management training, your team learns that there is no one correct management style, but that effective management always has something to do with the employee and the situation.

You will learn the model of situational leadership, analyse the different developmental stages of your employees and select the effective management style. You also learn to talk about uncomfortable topics without hurting your relationship

with your employees.

The training team at Sales Advisors gives you or your management staff the modern patterns of action for modern and effective management in sales.