Successful training sessions require solid instruction and practical experience

The trainer mandate requires a solid professional and educational basis!

At Sales Advisors, the topic of training is reserved for proven and particularly academically qualified professionals in this sector!

The management of the training area in Germany and Europe is handled by our long-time colleague, Mr. Rolf Schreiter, who has successfully handled the topic of “training” for nearly two decades. He has the necessary university degrees and also offers our clients years of practical experience.

In China, Prof. Dr. Zheng Han leads the “Executive Advisory & Development” division of our relevant training service portfolio. He is a professor at the chair for “Marketing & Entrepreneurship” at the “Sino-German School of Postgraduate Studies” (CDHK) of the Tongji University in Shanghai and has acted as a link between China and Europe for Sales Advisors clients for many years.

We combine practical methodology and didactics

With this experience we can ensure the clean methodological-didactic design of the relevant “training” for our clients, and also share challenging content.

These key competencies are supplemented at Sales Advisors by comprehensive and cross-industry sales and management experience from market leading, international large companies.

In addition to covering the academic approaches, we also believe in the efficacy of simple and pragmatic models. So, it is possible to enjoy the “relaxed atmosphere” in our auditorium and to learn the course contents.